Procyon Designs is a 1300 ft2 (120m2) woodworking shop located on Dixie Road West about 2km north of Addison along Highway #29. We fabricate custom designed items such as cutting boards, spice racks, jewellery boxes, toy boxes, lawn ornaments, lawn furniture, burial urns, bowls, commemorative plates and other ornamental and useful items. All these items are custom designed to satisfy our customer requirements. We repair and refinish antiques and other fine furniture. To achieve the desired results, we use a variety of hand tools and power tools and we have a spray booth equipped with both compressed air and HVLP spray equipment. Being conscious of the risk to health from wood dust and the risk of explosion, we have dust collection equipment at every work station.

Frequently, we are asked to repair and refinish a family heirloom with missing parts or parts so badly damaged they cannot be used. We make a new part for the heirloom but not until we carefully investigate the tools and species of wood used by the original craftsman.